Friday, October 10, 2008

Lucky Lotto Numbers Really Work

Everyone has their favorite story about knowing someone who won lotto with a lucky number.

And you know what?

They're right. People DO win the lottery using a lucky number selection.

There's always a percentage of these lucky number combinations around. Otherwise why would the random picks from the lotto shop computer come up trumps from time to time?

"Ok Ken," you say, "that's answered my question. Now leave me alone - I have work to do."

Well sure, but you're missing out on one of lotto's biggest secrets...

The fact is that being lucky isn't enough.

You need to *control* your luck.

Look at it this way...

Many years ago, when I had a JOB (and never again I hope!) - guess how I got it?

Did I study the situations vacant pages of the newspaper, and apply for job after job for months at a time? Then line up for multiple interviews, drugs testing and lie detector tests?


  1. I decided where I was best suited, and looked for a company to match my skills.
  2. Then I targeted the future employer I had picked, and requested 30 minutes of their time.
  3. And clinched the job.
No queues, no competition, no worry.

There was luck involved, for certain. If my future employer hadn't needed me, I would have been trudging the streets looking for the next one.

But luck was on my side. Oh, and a lot of preparation putting the ducks all in a row... in effect I created my own good luck.

And now, by using a good system with a winning history, you accelerate those lucky conditions.

After reading Michael A.'s comment here, which would you rather have - my system, or luck?

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Michael plainly showed how he beat the luck game with my powerful system.

Sure lucky numbers work occasionally, but there's no substitute for controlling your own luck.

You can get my Powerball System here:

Happy Winning!
Ken Silver

P.S. Good luck is often described as an unexpected windfall, or success when you least expect it for over 50% of the time. With the Silver Lotto Systems, how about 80.3% to 99% "luck"?

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