Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'm A Millionaire. Now What?

I've been a millionaire* for some time now.

To tell the truth, I can't pinpoint exactly when it happened. One day a while back I just did some adding up of some assets, and bingo!... there was the result - a whole lot of zeros on the calculator.

The result was pretty exciting. I was on cloud nine for a day or so because I had been concentrating on this goal for many years.

But once the euphoria wore off, I was back to thinking and planning again. This time I made a goal for $20 million - and to achieve it in a shorter time!

Why, you ask? "Ken, surely you've got everything you need in this world with that vast sum of money?"

The object was never the money. Money was simply the way of measuring a goal.

Each of us needs a goal in our lives, and when that is met then we should make another one to stretch our boundaries - to keep growing mentally and emotionally. And you should always do some good along the way. I also want to donate to a local boxing gym who help disadvantaged kids, and I will very soon.

Why am I writing about this to you?

It's not to boast, but actually I do hope that my circumstances might motivate you.

You can achieve what I've done.

I'm telling you to get off your chair, get some fire in your eyes, and claim the riches you deserve by winning lotto or starting your own wealth-making business. Are you worried there's not enough money to go around, and you'll miss out? That's never been the case in this vast world of opportunities. There's more than enough money in the universe to answer all your prayers.

And if you can't win it immediately, then you can earn it while you're waiting. Get my special moneymaking program and get started.

*By the way, my millionaire status doesn't include our house which is worth about $1.3 million, or previous lotto wins. And that's not my home in the picture above either. I'll leave THAT to your imagination!

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