Sunday, July 13, 2008

What Lottery Winners Do First...

I was reading a story in our local paper about a couple who won $18 million.

Do you know what they did first?

And did you know that the majority of winners do this one action every time they win a sizable amount?

They quit their jobs.

It seems that no matter what anyone does for a living... work in a factory, stand behind a counter, sell insurance, run a branch office... when substantial money comes calling, the daily grind is the first thing to go out the window. That tells us a lot about how we live our lives - lacking true freedom to make life choices.

How about you? Would you give up your job right now if you won lotto? I bet you would in an instant.

Think about how you would feel.

Even after a decade I can still remember the supreme satisfaction I got when I quit my day job. The job was okay, the people were great.

But being trapped in a small room during daylight hours for a living was not my idea of life.

And so I quit, and it was the best thing I've ever done.

Think about it. Isn't winning your freedom back the best incentive to buy my system now? Sure it is.

...recently won $500.00 with your system, a few weeks ago and $50,000.00 on Jan. 11...
Jeff W.

Hi Ken, I just wanted to write and let you know that after purchasing your lotto system I have entered the XLotto here in Australia 6 times and 5 out of the 6 I have won prizes, they may not have been the big one but they were wins, something that didn't happen when I used to get the easypick. The newsagent can't believe it when go in each time to get my winnings. I know only time will give me the big one and using your system will help me do that. Thanks again its an amazing system.
Sandi M (name and address supplied)

Ken, i won on 6/49 couple weeks ago 4/6 and won again 5/6 for 5136.00 in three weeks have had your program for two years but haven't stopped winning from 10$ to 20$ to 82.50 and so on. all the best and good luck to all Just believe
r mc ardle

Dear Ken,
It took 3 months of trying but I finally made it!
I got $4340.00 last week through your lotto
program with several winning tickets. It took a
while before I even got some wins and they were
small $20 ones, but as you told me I kept going
and it paid off!! This is really handy just in
time for my sons birthday.
Thanks a lot!!
Kathy G.

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