Thursday, December 22, 2011

This Is Why Next Year's Lottery Winning Will Be Better For You

I turned on the TV projector in my bedroom this morning. The picture sprung into life on the far wall.

But I almost wished I hadn't pressed the power button on the remote.

According to the news, the world was on its last legs - it was about to end. Riots, wars, famines...

My goodness, maybe I shouldn't leave my bed!

But I did - to put out the rubbish bin on a great summer's day.

Then I sat down at my computer screens as I do every morning, and thought a minute. 

What makes us keep going when times get tough?

And as I thought, I realized - it's hope.

Everything changes, and usually gets better. Next year - just a few days away - will be no different.

And many Silverites will have won a substantial lottery prize, like Maher M., our $3.2 Million winner: 

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The fact is, when you've lived a while on the planet, you soon realize that everything goes round in cycles. History repeats. 

Some parts we recognize - like the 7-year housing boom. Other cycles are shorter, like the up-and-down oil swings or the price of groceries at our local store.

But hope and change - the related pillars of our lives - remain the same.

There is as much chance of you winning your lottery now as there was 50 years ago, or 50 years ahead. As long as you keep hoping and playing.

I'm fond of telling my family that they should never give up hope or worry needlessly because there will always be a sunny day ahead. 

As we've seen this week, cancers will soon be cured with new treatments - though sadly not in time to cure my 97 year-old mother-in-law, who yesterday has been diagnosed with this disease.

But interest rates will always come down.  Cars are being made to run more cheaply and safely.

You can have your cake and eat it too. 

And lotto will always be there to win. 

And get this - most lottery jackpots and winning amounts have never reduced from decades ago - they have always increased. 

It's always going to get better for you as a player.

And my system is still producing winners - thousands of them - as you see here:

So why worry? Don't give up just yet. Enjoy your Xmas.

There's a win round every corner, waiting for you.

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