Saturday, September 18, 2010

Does The Power Of Positive Thinking Work For Winning Lotto?

I've been reading your newsletter articles about 
wishing for a win, and I've only won a few thousand 
dollars so far. How does this goal stuff work, and more 
importantly for me, does it work for real?
Sylvia F.

Good question Sylvia.

In fact, it's been something I've meant to bring up for a while now.

Sometimes my enthusiastic articles make it sound as though I believe in "The Secret" - a positive thinking/wishing book that came out a couple of years ago to great acclaim.

I don't.

I'm not really a believer in this kind of woolly thinking.

My opinion - I think it's very difficult to use this so-called Law of Attraction in the real world.

Imagine trying to become a billionaire by merely thinking about it and putting pictures of mansions up on the wall.

It's obviously an impossible dream for most of us.

Sure, dreaming about acquiring stuff, then working towards it in a practical way will get you there, eventually.

And if you combine it with my secret weapon... Relentless Focused Action... you'll achieve any goal, eventually.

And I can speak from experience.

Everything ever I've wished for in my early life has come true. Some of it took years longer than I hoped, but what the heck... it was worth the wait.

So how do I think this "positive thinking" will improve your lottery winning chances?

Well, as I've mentioned before in previous newsletters, you won't be able to win simply by wishing about it.

That's quite obvious to everyone.

But what wishing does is far more important in another area...

This positivity keeps you going through the period when maybe large wins are few and far between.

Let's face it, you're going to win with my systems - no question about that.

And in time you WILL win a large prize.

My high percentage rate and winning statistics takes care of that fact.

But in the meantime, you need to persist with the small wins... to keep plugging along... keeping the dream alive.

That's why it's important to:
- put up pictures on your fridge door or computer screen of the things you desire most.
- review them and look at them often.
- spend a few minutes a day reflecting on how good it will feel to have achieved your goals.

You will then have the necessary enthusiasm to keep going for the required time in order to get them.

Add Relentless Focused Action, and you're good to go!

One other point...

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Happy Winning!
Ken Silver