Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What's So Lucky About The Number 7?

If you're the kind of person who thinks that one number is luckier than the rest, please don't read any further.

Because there's no such thing.

But many others think there is. I've just read a newsletter from a prominent fitness marketer who said that this year is going to be your greatest year ever - because it contains the number 7. He said that anything containing this number is sure to bring you good luck.

- Perhaps he's basing it on the fact that Seven Lucky Gods exist in Japanese mythology.

- Or the number of points on a sheriff's star.

- In casinos, the line 7-7-7 (triple seven, not seven hundred seventy-seven) is a common winning line on slot machines.

- Or when asked to choose a number between 1 and 10, the most common number chosen appears to be 7. When I was a child magician, I used this little-known fact very successfully in my performances. (Of course, when you're age 7, everything was magical back then).

You can find much more about the mythical properties of this number at, but don't go there yet...

Lucky talismans, numbers, horoscopes or events are pure mythology. Usually they have coincided with a period of great significance, and so they appear bigger than they really are.

You're going to waste an awful lot of time and money chasing these dreams of luck.

So my advice to you in this year of 7 is...

Base your thinking on something more substantial. The Silver Lotto System doesn't have any form of lucky number built in - just in case you were unsure!

Oh, here's something else interesting about 7. My daughter's having a baby this year, and my mother-in-law remarked that the predicted date had all the seven's: 07-07-2007. Clever, but not lucky!

Phil here had some good luck, but the number 7 was nowhere to be seen:

I bought your system a couple of years ago... Since then
computer crashed ,new computer,changed internet carriers,
etc,etc.Anyway still kept trying the system and 2 weeks
ago won 2nd division powerball $100,000.00....
Thanks Phil F.